Just received my RC-10!

Ludo | 17 septembre 2012
Well, I have nothing much to say, excepted that it seems to work, which is a pretty good thing for what I intend to do with it. However, its LCD displays disjointed stuff, like 40.00 all the time, or 40.40, or 40.80 … don’t know why. I can only see the frequencies stored in the transceiver’s memories and call channel, but not the VFO. The VFO data sent by the transceiver seems to be followed by some other data that are mistakenly interpreted as the frequency, so every frequency I set is displayed on the RC-10 then automatically erased with the 40. »something ». This « something » seems to be a bit field that indicates the power level (LOW, MID & HIGH). Anyways, it shouldn’t stop me from hacking it!
Now I have to open the MIC plug and connect the logic analyzer.
To be continued…

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