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Ludo | 2 septembre 2012
I’ve been looking for informations about Kenwood’s RC-20 remote control for a long time and I’ve finally stumbled upon this blog recently:
I’ve never been able to lay hands on one of these remote controls on eBay, mainly because they were too expensive or because the sellers didn’t want to ship it to France. So thanks to this blog I’ve discovered that there was another device that could control my transceivers: the RC-10. I don’t know if they both have the same functions, but I’ve found an RC-10 that I should receive next week and I’ll torture it with my protocol analyzer to hack its protocol too, because I just can’t wait for N9XLC to provide the whole commands list 🙂 Besides the technical challenge, my goal is to be able to build a stand-alone board that would allow me to control my transceivers from anywhere, via an embedded web server for instance. This could lead me to build some kind of repeater controller board… who knows… what do you think about that?

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  1. VICKS dit :

    Please if you have any information or if u are still active i have the same kenwood tm-241e and i’am busting my head open how to change offset step of 600 khz i tried all but it will not go over 600 do you have any info if this is even posible ir not i like to open it to go like the newer radio stations from 0 to maybe 5 mhz thanks

  2. Ludo dit :

    Hi VICKS,
    I didn’t read about any possible modification for the TM-241E shift frequency so far.
    This transceiver is getting old and back in the days, the 600kHz shift frequency was (and still is here in France) a standard, so I guess Kenwood did not even think of letting the owner change it. I experienced the same issue with my TM-441E on some French UHF repeaters. The only solution is to use the « Odd split channels » function. See page 23 on the manual:

    I hope this helps.

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