Helping the TYT MD380 charger go green.

Ludo | 6 octobre 2017
If you came here hoping to charge your MD380 faster, you just fell into a trap!
By the way, you can still read the few following lines as this may still interest you .

I use a 12V/30A PSU to power all my radio transceivers, so I built a cable to connect this charger to the PSU and get rid of the radioelectrically noisy power adapter provided with the charger.
This cheap charger has no way to detect if there’s a transceiver on its slot or not, so its charging indicator led remains lit all the time when unused. The hack I made to get rid of that consists of a simple push button placed at the bottom of the charging slot. The MD-380, when placed in the charging slot, keeps this push button pressed, which closes its contact and connects the +12V power source to the charging IC.

I don’t think I have to write more about that. The following pictures speak from themselves:

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