SMA to FME adapter 3D printed strengthening piece

Ludo | 23 septembre 2018
If you haven’t broken your handled transceiver’s antenna connector when using a long antenna yet, this will certainly happen sooner or later.
I’ve faced this problem with my USC230 a year ago, and I didn’t want it to happen again on my TYT MD380. Furthermore, the MD380’s SMA is a lot more fragile than the USC230’s BNC.
So, I’ve designed a small tube that holds the SMA to FME adapter on the inside, and that provides wide contact area on both ends: my Procom FSP70’s antenna base and the MD380’s SMA socket.
It just took me less than 2 hours from scratch to draw and print that little strengthening piece. Click « Read more… » to see the result and the gcode file download link:

You can click on the pictures to view in high resolution.

FME side:

SMA side:

Before applying the mod:


This little additional part really makes a difference. It can also be used with Procom FLX antennas.

Edited on 03/09/2019: Updated to fit on the TH-UV8000 SMA as well.
Zip file:

Designed with Autodesk Fusion 360 (educational license)
Sliced with Ultimaker Cura
Printed on my Creality 3D CR10S with « Romantic Red » filament from ICE Filament:

The part was held on the printing bed with 3DLAC adhesive spray.

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