Soundfreaq SFQ-04 hack attempt – Help needed

Ludo | 22 avril 2018
Has anyone successfully opened this device without breaking it into pieces? The only thing I was able to do so far is to remove the front top and bottom plastic cover, using a cutter blade as a lever. Then I’ve untightened the screws at the bottom of the speaker, but the ones at the top are covered with the speakers grille. This last one seems to be glued very well and I don’t see any way to get it off without risking to bend it.
I cant imagine how this company can provide after sale service and servicing of faulty speakers, or I’m completely wrong about the disassembly procedure…

  • Top and bottom covers removed:

  • One fo the bottom screws:

  • One of the top screws, behind the speakers grille, circled in red:

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