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SMA to FME adapter 3D printed strengthening piece

USC230BrokenBnc.jpgIf you haven't broken your handled transceiver's antenna connector when using a long antenna yet, this will certainly happen sooner or later.
I've faced this problem with my USC230 a year ago, and I didn't want it to happen again on my TYT MD380. Furthermore, the MD380's SMA is a lot more fragile than the USC230's BNC.
So, I've designed a small tube that holds the SMA to FME adapter on the inside, and that provides wide contact area on both ends: my Procom FSP70's antenna base and the MD380's SMA socket.
It just took me less than 2 hours from scratch to draw and print that little strengthening piece. Click "Read more..." to see the result and the gcode file download link:

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Helping the TYT MD380 charger go green.

GreenEnergy.png If you came here hoping to charge your MD380 faster, you just fell into a trap!
By the way, you can still read the few following lines as this may still interest you .

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